Sunday, February 28, 2010

2010 Summer Field Camp in Dendroarchaeology

The Laboratory of Tree-ring Research at the University of Arizona is pleased to offer its 10th annual presession course devoted entirely to the collection, analysis, and interpretation of archaeological tree-rings. Participants (undergrads, grads, professionals) will learn the most accurate and precise dating method used by archaeologists via lectures, laboratory exercises, and field work. The centerpiece of this intensive 3-week course is a field trip to various archaeological sites in western New Mexico area led by Drs. Ronald H. Towner and Jeffrey S. Dean. The first week in Tucson will provide participants with a basic background in dendroarchaeology. During the third week back in Tucson, participants will prepare, crossdate, and interpret the dendroarchaeological samples collected during the field trip.

For additional information, contact Ron Towner at

Friday, February 26, 2010

Announcing "THE CAMBIUM"

"The Cambium" is the blog of the University of Arizona's Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research (LTRR).  Here you will find announcements of talks, events and other news about activities at the LTRR.